Agricultural Building Insulation

Foam Insulation to Prevent Condensation

Eliminating Condensation

Polyurethane sprayed foam insulation is the perfect insulation solution for virtually any agricultural building. Foam spray roof insulation not only provides excellent thermal insulation; when applied externally spray foam can also waterproof and seal older leaking roofs, providing weatherproofing and insulation and increasing the lifespan of older buildings. Spray foam insulation can be used to give up to a Class 0 fire rating where required, our most popular foam gives a Class 1 rating for surface spread of flame when tested to BS476 Part 7.x

Whether your building is used for crop storage, feed storage, livestock housing, workshop or just about any use, spray foam is likely to be the easiest, fastest, most efficient way to insulate your building.

Foam insulation in farm building

Spray Foam on Roof

Because the foam is spray applied it will seek and seal any gaps in the structure to form a continuous layer of insulation throughout the installation area. This makes spray foam far more efficient than other methods of insulation, and also makes temperature control far more efficient, saving you money on heating and cooling. When applied directly to the roof of your agricultural building, spray foam will also eliminate thermal bridges and prevent condensation completely.

These are just a few of the many benefits sprayed foam insulation could offer when insulating your agricultural building:

  • Easily applied to tricky areas
  • Reduces fuel costs
  • Can be applied to virtually any surface
  • Protects crops from frost damage
  • No cutting or fixing involved
  • Lowers livestock food comsumption
  • Eliminates condensation permanently
  • Fast installation times
  • Resistant to vermin
  • Enables more efficient control of temperatures

Depending on your particular project, spray foam could have far more benefits than these. If the roof of your building is ageing and you are considering replacing it with new composite panels, our spray foam could save you a lot of valuable time and money. Spray foam could significantly increase the lifespan of older roofs, and help protect them against damage in the future. When spray foam is installed to the underside of a roof, it forms one continuous structure and helps to spread any load or stress placed on the roof. This makes breakages from impact damage far less likely and helps to increase the longevity of your roof. When applied externally with a specialist coating, sprayfoam will weatherproof and insulate your roof in one installation.

Foam insulation on asbestos

Insulated Asbestos Roof

Whatever type of building you have, and whatever type of surface you have to insulate, spray foam could be the ideal solution. The foam can be easily applied to most surfaces, including:

  • Steel
  • Tin
  • Aluminium
  • Asbestos
  • Fibre Cement
  • Concrete
  • Plastic
  • Stone
  • Brick
  • Slate/Tile

This means that we could insulate your entire building if required, or simply the areas which you specify. We could help you insulate not only the roof, but also the floor, walls, partitions, doors, or any other area of your building

Because of our specialist knowledge of spray foam and its uses, we can help you every step of the way with your project. We not only provide a first class job at extremely reasonable prices, but we can work around your timescale and working practices. If you are interested in a specific project, why not arrange a survey today. All our surveys are free and come with no obligation, so you can get a fixed price quotation for your job at absolutely no risk to you.