Boat and Marine Insulation

Narrowboat being sprayfoamed

Boat Insulated with Foam

Spray foam insulation provides the ideal solution to insulate, stabilise and control condensation in any boat. With its unique application and excellent thermal properties, spray foam can achieve required insulation values with the minimum of thickness, delivering valuable space saving. Our spray foam insulation has a Class 1 fire rating complying with BS476 Part 7, is non-toxic and CFC free.

Polyurethane sprayed foam insulation is applied directly to the substrate in liquid form, once applied it rapidly expands to form a rigid foam insulation which is fully bonded to the substrate. As the foam is applied as a liquid it can form a continuous membrane of insulation even in the trickiest of places, allowing the foam to fill all gaps and eliminate any draughts. As the foam is bonded directly to the substrate it also eliminates and prevents condensation, even on steel hull boats with the minimum of thickness. Spray foam insulation’s excellent thermal insulation properties mean that insulation values can be achieved with the minimum of thickness, allowing the foam to fit neatly between the battens and deliver valuable space savings.

Spray foam boat insulation can offer boat owners, builders and enthusiasts many benefits, including:

  • Keeps boats warmer in winter and cooler in summer
  • Eliminates and prevents condensation
  • Is not affected by exposure to water
  • Insulation values can be met with less thickness
  • No cutting or fixing required – foam adheres directly to the surface
  • Reduces external and vibration noise
  • Compatible with electrical wiring and plumbing

Spray foam insulation in a narrow boat

Narrow Boat Fully Insulated

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